Monday, May 16, 2005

Making aluminum coin returns

I made my own set of 3 coin returns from left-over aluminum from the Sherell skins plus some aluminum step flashing from Home Depot.

I got the drawings from the Astromechs site. I printed them out 100% and marked the scrap aluminum. The benefit of using the scrap from the skins is that it's alread bent to the correct radius.

I have made JPEG versions of the drawings available for download, including my template for the inset piece:
left rear coin return JPG
right rear coin return JPG
left front coin return JPG

To cut the square openings, drill a 1/2" hole then use a nibbling tool to make the cuts. It's tedious, but worth the time.

Then for the inset part I cut a piece from thin step flashing and bent it to shape. I cut a paper template and used spray-tack to hold it into place (spray the paper, not the metal).

Cut it out, then peel off the paper. A straight edge is handy to get all the bends just right.

I have a template file for the inset piece if you want it. Just email me.

It's then JBWelded into place and clamped.


Anonymous Matt said...

Very helpful, Chris! Thanks for documenting your work so thoroughly. I know the temptation to just get it done, but this sort of thing helps people like me have the courage to do it too.

11:12 AM, June 01, 2005  

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