Monday, March 20, 2006

R5 parts

What I need for R5 are:

Outer legs
Inner and outer ankles
Leg to body hubs
Ankle bracelets
Outer feet
Center foot
Battery harnesses
Side vents (alum ones on order)
Pocketed vents
Center vent internals

I have resin copies of everything else. I think I will try and make wood legs, ankles, and feet. I can use PVC pipe for the hubs, and hopefully I can get Nick to cast the rest.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Starting on R5

I've started working on R5. I have the A&A R5 head frame and head skin flat pack. I have most of that together. I'm bondo-ing and wet sanding at the moment. I have Vince's head details (eyes and hydraulic rods). I'm gonna use all the resin parts that my buddy Nick Murray made for me plus the ones I've been taking off of R2 as I replace them with aluminum. I have an aluminum JAG v4 frame on order. When it comes in I'll put it into R2 and use his A&A frame for R5. I also have my home-made scooter motor brackets. R5 is gonna be lean and mean. Lightweight and fast. R2 will be the big fat daddy with every possible add-on, and R5 will be the sport model. I want to paint R5 up like Marco had his at C3, just like R5-X2 - solid red body and legs, with rust and weathering all over.