Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Repairing C4 ankle damage

I managed to split an ankle during transport to C4. This is my quick fix until I can replace the ankle.

I had R2 in his travel case for the trip. The case is designed for him to stand in 2-leg mode. His outer feet are then secured to the base of the travel case, and a strap goes around the top ring area just below the dome to keep him from tipping forward.

When the case was put in the trailer, it was oriented such that R2 was facing the side of the trailer instead of the front. So this meant that all acceleration/deceleration/braking momentum were applied to him transversely through the line of the shoulders, resulting in tremendous repetitive forces on the ankles. Remember we drove 4600 miles across desert and mountains, and he was in a cargo trailer with leaf spring suspension.

The choice to pack him this way was mine and only mine. I chose poorly.

Now I know better.

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