Thursday, September 30, 2004

Started JB Weld-ing

I started using the JB Weld stuff to put the skin doors and door surrounds together. That stuff is interesting to work with. I definitely need to get tons more clamps to do this right. I also found a can of the Wimbledon White spray paint at Wal-Mart. I need to find a few more of those before I start painting.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My First R2-D2 Plans

I was organizing stuff in the basement, making more room for my R2 workspace, and I ran across a box of old papers from my grade-school days. I discovered a set of drawings and plans that I had made as a kid (I'm estimating 7th or 8th grade, which would have been circa 1977-1978) of how I could build an R2 unit. Amazingly, I had a pretty good 2-3-2 leg system worked out... well, pretty good for a 12 year old anyway. Here are digital shots of a few of the pages.

New tool!

I bought a drill press to use for R2 building and other projects. First project I used it for was to fix the wiper arm on the Lotus. Next tool to obtain is a band saw.

Acrylic half-spheres and PIC flasher kits

The acrylic half-spheres (used for holoprojector lenses) and PIC flasher kits (for front and rear logic displays) arrived today.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Main batteries arrived.

Boy, are these things heavy. The D-cell is there for scale.

Satellite motors wiring diagram

Here's the wiring diagram that came with the shoulder motors.

Satellite motors arrived

The Globe satellite gearmotor assemblies arrived from Surplus Center. These will be used for the powered shoulders on R2. I got an extra set for R4.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

PIC Flashers Ordered

I ordered two PIC Flashers for the front and rear logic LED displays from QualityKits in Canada.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Ankle cylinders, coin slots, under shoulder details

Here are some of the aluminum parts that have arrived. I'm amazed at the detail and workmanship on these parts. The guys who are doing these machining runs are true professionals. I made sure to get an extra coin slot part for R4-M9.

Aluminum leg frame stock

Here is the aluminum leg frame stock I'll be using.

Scooter motors and wheels

Here are the 100W scooter motors that I'm using for the main outer foot drive system. They came with wheels, gears, and drive belts, too.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Work table done

Here's the completed 4x8 work table. I also finished the top edges with metal corner bead (normally used for drywall).

Frame decisions...

I've now decided to do a proper frame in aluminum instead of using the tapease wood cylinder. I may try to build a wooden one for practice that can eventually be used for R4-M9.

Sticker Shock (not really)

I was just updating my R2 project spreadsheet and realized that I have spent almost US$2500 on parts and materials so far. Guess that's what it takes to get as close to all-aluminum as possible... :)


Here's a link to some great 3D renderings of R4-M9. This will be my next droid building project. I love the color scheme and the head shape.

Parts ordered so far...

Just a list from the spreadsheet of what I've ordered (and in some cases already received):

rockler bearing
PSI LED flasher
rear logics LED set
tapeease body tube (will not use after all)
aluminum under shoulder details set
scooter wheels and motors (set of 2)
aluminum ankle cylinders (set of 4)
aluminum skins (2 sets, one for future R4-M9 project)
aluminum coin slots (2 sets, one for R4)
aluminum leg tubes (set of 3)
aluminum dome
aluminum top vent internals
resin radar eye
aluminum shoulder hubs
resin utility arms
aluminum outer ankles
aluminum large data port
aluminum foot strip plates (set)
aluminum Shoulder Horseshoes & Shims (set)
aluminum Shoulder Hydraulics set
resin leg struts
resin logic display boxes
resin octagon ports
resin shoulder buttons
resin vent surrounds
aluminum leg to body hubs (set of 2)
aluminum Holoprojectors (3)
acrylic hemispheres (7 total, 3 for R2, 3 for R4, 1 spare)
12V12AH batteries (2-pack)
shoulder satellite motors (2 for R2, 2 for R4)

Getting quote on frame cutting

I sent all of the T&J frame drawing PDFs to a local waterjet cutting shop to get a quote on an aluminum body frame. I sent the request on Tuesday, and still have not heard anything back. I also had Kinko's output the drawings full-scale so I can study them.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Cleanup work on skins is underway

I've cut all of the panels out of one set of the skins, and filed/trimmed/sanded all of the openings and a few of the panel cut-out pieces. Should finish the rest of them tonight.

Alum Holoprojectors Ordered

Ordered 3 aluminum holoprojectors - also ordered the acrylic hemispherical inserts for them.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Work table and bench for the project

I need a better/larger work surface, so I've started on a work table and a work bench for the basement. Here's the frame of the work table. 4 x 8 feet, 36 inches high. Simple construction.