Saturday, September 17, 2005

Battery Harnesses

So here I am painting Wayne Orr's excellent aluminum battery harnesses... First I masked them off and did a mini-Krider Blue treatment on them.

Next I cut the paint on the battery boxes and scraped and filed down to the raw aluminum so the JB Weld could grip.

Finally JB Welded and clamped them into place. Here they are back on the feet.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mac mini power cable

Since Apple did their typical "hey let's use a connector that no one else uses" thing for the Mac mini power adapter, I had to cut the cable and solder in some connectors so I could run the mini from the DC converter in R2. I found a couple of sites on the web where guys had already done this, so I figured it was safe to try. And it works like a charm. Now I can use the mini on R2's batteries, or remove it and use the factory AC adapter on the desktop. Sweet.

Mounting the FrogPad

I made some aluminum brackets to mount the FrogPad Bluetooth keypad to my Futaba transmitter. When I get the control programs finished, I'll be able to trigger sounds and the Leia projection from the keypad with one hand and drive with the other.

Drink Tray Assembly

Putting the excellent A&A drink tray together

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More shiny stuff

All on one day, can you believe that... It was like Christmas. Power couplers, octagon ports, and leg hydraulics from Tom V.'s sell-off, Nick's r-bolt, and Wayne's long-anticipated battery harnesses. Such things of beauty.