Sunday, January 27, 2008

Even more tear-down progress pics

Both shoulder satellite motors stripped down to the bearings.

Bare frame in all its glory.

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More tear-down progress pics

Parts is parts.

New "Spherical Wheel" 4-inch ball casters for the center foot, procured from McMaster-Carr. I've consulted with the web information posted by Allen Jackson and Monty McGraw to disassemble the casters in prep for modding them to fit in the JAG center foot.

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Complete Tear-down

I have R2-G4 completely disassembled, down to the bare frame at the moment. I'm swapping out JAG ankles and removing scooter drives in prep for the soon-to-arrive NPC/JAG foot drives. Also stripping the shoulder satellite motors in prep for a 2-3-2 attempt, and replacing center foot 2" ball casters with 4" versions, which requires rebuilding the casters themselves. Gonna have all 3 feet sandblasted and re-primered to get rid of some rust spots. Also will have to mod the feet and battery boxes to accept the NPC motors, and decide where to relocate the batteries.

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